Find Rich Tehrani at ITEXPO Las Vegas 2013

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Find Rich Tehrani at ITEXPO Las Vegas 2013

If you follow my blog or social sites you know I’ll be at ITEXPO next itexpo-logo.pngweek at Mandalay Bay and I’m very excited to meet with you all.

This is where you can find me:

On Monday, 8/26 at 9:00am I’ll be checking out the Asterisk 1-2-3 training course and the SUITS conference which focuses on telecom patent protection. At 12:00 that day, I’ll be at the SDN preconference learning about software defined networking. At 2:00pm I’ll be at Battle of the Platforms – which always an exciting part of the M2M Evolution experience.

On Tuesday, 8/27 at 9:00am I’ll be moderating a keynote panel on technology innovation with some of the most in-touch tech visionaries I know. They are Peter Bernstein who is one of the most experienced editors here at TMC. An expert in M2M and related topics: James Brehm of Compass Intelligence, WebRTC guru: Phil Edholm of PKE Consulting LLC, general communications evangelist and tech leader: Carl Ford of Crossfire Media, TMC’s head of editorial: Erik Linask, and respected consultant to the telecom industry, Larry Lisser of Embrase. At 4:30pm I’ll be at the networking reception which leads into StartUpCamp8 Comms Edition which starts at 5:30 – you do not want to miss the Keynote from Jeff Bonforte of Yahoo! – you really don’t.

On Wednesday at 9:00am I’ll be checking out the various conference sessions and workshops. Then at 2:00pm I’ll be in the Battle in the Clouds keynote and then at 3:00 I’ll be in the service provider keynote focusing on whether they are smart ecosystem facilitators or dumb pipes. At 4:00pm you can find me at the opening of the exhibit hall.

On Thursday at 8:00am, I’ll be moderating the Content Marketing Steve Wozniak - Head-Shot.jpgBreakfast panel – I’ll stay in the room because immediately thereafter is a panel discussing 5 Technologies Critical to the Future of Business and then of course the Steve Wozniak keynote. By the way, the earlier you get to this room, the better the seat you’ll have and we have a special section for journalists at the front of the room.

At 11:00-5:00 I’ll be in the exhibit hall and sessions – bouncing between the two. Except for 1:00pm because that is when I moderate a session on software telcos which I believe will be the most disruptive revolution to hit the service provider market since VoIP. In-short, something called NFV is becoming an enabler which allows all the custom telecom hardware in the carrier’s office to become software which means it can soon run on servers from companies like HP and Dell and take advantage of cloud bursting and virtualization. A carrier can now scale infinitely with minimal upfront investment and rollout new features and services much more easily. It will be a mega-multi-billion dollar opportunity.

My panelists will be Phil Harvey of Metaswitch, Glen Gerhard of Sansay and Steve Teitzel of IBM.


At 4:45pm I give away a Jeep in the exhibit hall – you have to be there to win it and your odds of winning big are likely better than any other activity you’ll find in Vegas. You have to get a card stamped by the Jeep sponsors and be present for the drawing to win. In my career I have likely called out about five or more winners for vehicles who weren’t present and missed the opportunity to win. Don’t let this happen to you.

Other resources which may also be helpful:

I truly hope to see you at the conference – also be sure to mark your calendar for future ITEXPOs:

  • Miami 2014: Tuesday, January 28 - Thursday, January 31 at the Miami Beach Convention Center
  • Las Vegas 2014: Monday, August 25 - Thursday, August 28, 2014 at Mandalay Bay