The Fall of Kennedy

For some reason I just can't help but think technology drove Caroline Kennedy to drop out of the race for the senate seat. Political figures have always been in the spotlight and their business' known. Take Timothy F. Geithner for example, who, even though, was endorsed by the Senate Finance Committee as secretary of the Treasury, was grilled prior to being sworn in about his failure to pay thousands of dollars in back taxes.
According to the New York Times, "that lapse caused considerable embarrassment for Mr. Geithner, even as some members of the panel said they were willing to accept his word that the failure was an honest mistake."
Undoubtedly, nevertheless Mr. Geithner stuck it out and is now the Secretary of the Treasury.
Of course, his issues are neither here nor there in regards to Ms. Kennedy, as her main problems and the reason I believe she decided to withdrawal her name, is because one she cannot, under any circumstances, speak well in public and two she didn't like being in the public eye.
"I have, you know, quite a lot to learn, but I feel like I bring a lot with me, as well," Kennedy said.
You know, umm, like I understand what you're saying but you know you should realize that you were running for a very public position, maybe a diction class would have benefited
"I feel this commitment, and this is a time when nobody can afford to sit out. And I hope that I have something to offer," Kennedy said.
Again, perhaps not the best choice of words, HOPE is the key word here signifying to every New Yorker that yes, she does want to help however she's unsure if she has the capability or capacity to do so. You can't HOPE Ms. Kennedy you have to KNOW that you can because we've already seen what uncertainty in leadership or lack thereof has brought us.
Kennedy is usually an extremely private citizen and her time in the public eye may have proved too much for her. Announcing her bid for the senate seat in early December and finally ending mid-January, she stayed in view just a little over a month.
Did she think her name alone would get her out of answering questions or make her a shoe-in for the senate seat? What about the things she learned on her never campaigned trail or her plans for bettering the state of New York? All questions that were asked but never answered nor were there any attempts made by the hopeful Democrat.
Back in the day, Americans were lucky to catch a glimpse of their Commander in Chief or even learn about any illness they might have had. There aren't many pictures of Lincoln nor did the nation realize FDR was ill until his unexpected death, for Americans at least, in the beginning of his fourth term.
Now, with the help of technology, every little detail is known about anyone who subjects themselves to be placed deeply into public display. Browsing through YouTube, there are endless videos criticizing her lexicon, or lack thereof, with one video actually counting the number of times she uses the phrase, "You know."
The information and materials are out there and seconds after it becomes available, it is splashed across the Web.
At any rate she withdrew, "I informed Gov. Paterson today that for personal reasons I am withdrawing my name from consideration for the United States Senate," she said.
What these personal reasons may be, who knows? Some speculate that she rather take care of her uncle Sen. Ted Kennedy, who made news himself the day of the inauguration when he was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at a post-inauguration luncheon.
Or, according to ABC News, "there is some speculation that Kennedy withdrew as a face-saving measure after Paterson informed her that he was going to choose someone else."
However, according to a person close to the Kennedy family, "He was offering her the seat, there's no doubt about that."
Whatever the reason is, Caroline Kennedy can go back to life as she once knew it, the real question is, will the media and those who splashed her name around the Internet back hallways let her do so.
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