Lose It! App Helps Those in Weight Loss Need

For some reason since the start of the new year, every morning I wake up a few minutes before my alarm rings and although I'm--for the most part--awake, I still sit in bed and stare and the ceiling in an almost a state of panic. During this time I tell myself that today is a new day, a day for change and that 'hope' will still be a four letter word in my vocabulary.
Eventually, I muster up the courage to get out of bed and start my daily routine with the first order of business: weighing in. You see, nutritionists (and demons) say in order to get an accurate calculation of ones weight, punishing yourself in the wee hours of the morning right before you go to work, which for some could be another punishment, is best. This suggestion I fairly understand and it is because of this that I have also come to the realization that without nutritionists and personal trainers, there wouldn't be jobs for therapists or psychologists.
One can only imagine other four letter words that are also in my vocabulary during weigh-in, the word 'hope' usually doesn't exist at this time.
The biggest New Year's resolution is to lose weight. This is wonderful and commendable but, in my case I need a little help. So I go to technology for the answer and found on the Lose It! App found in the iTunes store.
This application is a calorie counter that helps you either maintain your current weight or lose up to two pounds a week. By entering your weight, height and goal the app lets you know how many calories you can consume. Since I'm in the weight loss mood, I entered that I wanted to lose two pounds a week therefore, my daily calorie intake is 1,011.
Entering in food is much like solving a calculus problem, it takes forever. Well, if you're not good in calculus that is. (Don't judge me.) Users can search for food by typing it in or there is also a brand named section to look for popular brand names or store brand names. Although there aren't all food brand names listed, it is fairly stocked.
Exercising is also a part of the application and calorie intake goes down the more exercise you enter for the day. I entered that I will dance, do sit-ups, play the piano, and walk for 30 minutes respectively, then after all that I'll stretch for two hours losing a total of 913 calories.
Based on the food I entered and the exercise I'll "do" I am under my calorie intake by 259. Just so that I'll feel better maybe I'll dance for two hours...sounds like plan.
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