Apple to Release No Contract 3G iPhones

Many have been curious as to when Apple was going to lower the price of its 3G iPhone however, Apple thought of an alternative. Rumor has it is that Apple will start selling iPhones without a contract attached to them. The 8GB iPhone will go for $599 and the 16GB iPhone will go for $699, according to a Boy Genius Report.
The Boy Genius Report obtained an AT&T power point presentation regarding the news. Slide four states that the offer will be starting March 26, 2009 for existing customers. Therefore, those prices mentioned above are for existing customers as well. Other prices include an Early Upgrade price of $399/$499 and a Qualified Upgrade Price of $199/$299.


Those who purchase either the Qualified or Early upgrade priced offer are required to sign a 2-year service agreement and device activation is required. The no contract and no activation fee apply for those who purchase the 3G iPhone at the No-Commit price.
What else is AT&T trying to pull, how about the purchase of a data plan is required for all devices that are activated on AT&T's network regarding the 3G promotion.
Why is AT&T doing this? Some have been speculating that AT&T is just clearing their warehouses for Apple's new iPhone. Commenting on the Boy Genius Report's posting, user damiaking said, "Time to clear out some inventory, boys!"
Another comment from Rosario said, "Ok let me get this out, HELL NO! Now, why would anyone buy the iPhone for that price. It's a nice phone but there is no way its worth that price. I have no idea who would think it would be a good idea to buy the iPhone at that price."
Who's to blame for this pandemonium? Who's the master mind behind this, AT&T or Apple?
Who knows but their AT&T and Apple, those companies have been doing business their way for quite some time now. No amount of complaining is going to stop these monsters in the industry from releasing products or setting contracts how they see fit.
Sorry kids, that's just how the cookie crumbles.
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