Japanese Invasion!

Looking over Reuters tech videos is always fun, and scary. For some reason I was focusing on the Japanese today, mainly because they always are so creative.
In an attempt to trace dreams and I imagine someday, hopefully in the future, to also read peoples thoughts! (I highly doubt people want to know what I'm thinking, mainly because it's one of those, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" type scenarios.) Scientists in Japan are trying to develop a technology to visualize images and dreams.
This next video is just hilarious. Japanese inventor of the Mimi Switch or Ear Switch has now created a device that in conjunction with an iPod can be controlled by using facial expressions. Imagine this product being sold in mass quantity, everyone on the streets wouldn't know if we were flirting with each other or just trying to change to the next sound on our iPods. All the winking, sticking out of tongues and not to mention all the eyebrow raises, we're all going to look like fools.
The inventor says he thinks this device has the potential to be used as a hand-free remote control for ANY electronic appliance and in the future it could provide help for the elderly and/or people with disabilities.
PH.D KAZUHIRO TANIGUCHI, GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCE, OSAKA UNIVERSITY commented, "We designed this device, keeping Japan's increasingly aging population in mind. We wanted to make a device by which, even if you're not able to move your body freely, you can still control machines."
He's now looking for business partners to transform his hands-free remote into a commercial product.
Lastly, models might need to find a new line of work if these Japanese scientists have their way.
During Japan's Fashion Week a few weeks ago, the latest female humanoid robot was showcased. Although, they still need to add a little finesse and elegance to her movements, designers will be comforted knowing that these models will always be the same size.
Hope you enjoy these videos, I did!
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