Only You Can Save the Earth

Earth Day is fast approaching, so get ready for the big day on April 22. Earth Day, according to, is a time to celebrate gains mankind has made and create new visions to accelerate environmental progress; a time to unite around new actions and remember that every day is a time to act to protect our planet.
Searching for ways to do-my-part in saving the Earth, I came across an article from that lists ways to save the Earth by recycling your old electronics. The following are places where one can recycle their old electronics:
  • Earth Day 2009 will celebrate the launch of a brand new processing facility in Atlanta. Tampa-based ViaTek Solutions is celebrating the opening of its second processing facility with a week of free electronics recycling at both locations. The event will run from April 20-24 and covers all personal electronics.
  • Baltimore County is holding a free electronics recycling event at the Immaculate Conception Parish in Towson, Md. on April 25 for electronics other than TVs, and will supply tax donation receipts.
Also, in anticipation of Earth Day, several companies are sponsoring nationwide electronics recycling programs.
  • In Compton, Calif. electronics manufacturer Belkin is sponsoring a free e-waste recycling day on April 25 at Lueders Park. Belkin will accept everything from TVs to computer cables.
  • IKEA stores in Carson and Covina, Calif. will accept electronics for free on April 26, with participants receiving two free energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Panasonic is using Earth Day 2009 to add 30 new Southeast U.S. drop-off sites to its MRM Recycling program. This means there are now 310 drop-off locations covering all 50 states to drop off Panasonic electronics for free recycling.
For those who don't live in these areas, check out your local Best Buy or Staples to learn more about how you can do-your-part in saving the Earth.
For more information about green technology be sure to check out TMCnet's Green Blog and the Green Vertical.

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