Wired for War

Many of my family members have served or are now serving in the U.S. armed forces. Naturally, because of my family's involvement, I often find myself looking through headlines about anything involving the military because for military families, the last few years have been far from stress-free.
Finding out about P.W. Singer's book Wired for War not only scared me but made me wonder if we are going the right way in the use of technology in any shape or form of it. In certain ways, current technology can save lives as well as create them however the darker aspect is that the same technology can destroy those same lives, and more.
For the most part American history has shown that actions are taken before the consequences are even thought through, if they were even thought about. We are taught as children to think before we speak, and the same should apply to our actions. However, as of late C-level management in corporations such as AIG have shown what can happen when poor, selfish and/or greedy decisions are made.
The same can be applied to high level officers in the military. More often then not, their objective is plain and simple, to protect American against all enemies foreign or domestic, and usually at whatever cost necessary.
P.W. Singer's Wired for War is a hefty book that talks about the issues no one either wants to acknowledge or care to know about. Read more about Singer's thoughts and his book in an interview I recently had found here.
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