Arvato Using Aspect Software's Uniphi Connect

Patrick Barnard
Group Managing Editor, TMCnet

Arvato Using Aspect Software's Uniphi Connect

Arvato Services, a leading global third-party customer service outsourcing provider, is reportedly expanding its use of Aspect Software’s leading contact center solutions.

Specifically, Arvato is using Aspect’s Uniphi Connect with its existing Aspect CallCenter ACDs to create a “virtual” SIP-based VoIP contact center. With this new IP-based solution in place, Arvato will be able to improve agent performance and boost customer satisfaction. It also gains a solution which can scale more readily, and which offers greater flexibility to meet rapidly changing business needs.

Because Uniphi Connect is a hybrid solution, Arvato will be able to use it to support agents working in both TDM and IP environments. By coupling the solution with Aspect CallCenter ACD, Arvato will now have a virtual contact center solution, where all end points on the network are “equal.” Such systems are ideal for facilitating the remote agent model, or the informal contact center, where other knowledge workers within the organization can be used as “expert agents,” with all the same software and resources available on their desktops as agents in the main center. Calls and other contacts can be routed seamlessly to all end points using this system. In addition, the system can be administered via a single interface, from Arvato’s central office, which will be key since it will be deployed across different centers in different areas, including the company’s internal IT support desk staff, which is scattered across three offices in Antwerp, Abcoude and Venlo and connected by VoIP.

Because the system is VoIP-based, Arvato can now save big time on its communications costs, which in turn will keep the price per user low. It will also benefit from minimum time to execution (1 hour/25 seats) at minimal cost; increased flexibility to add or decrease agent seats on demand; the ability to leverage remote services (in-house and externally), providing enhanced overflow to external contact centers as needed; and disaster recovery options by using the contact center in Antwerp as a backup centre for Venlo, and vice-versa. Perhaps best of all the company didn’t have to make any investment in new hardware, as this is an all software solution.

“When the state lottery has its drawing, there is a sharp increase in customer contacts which means Arvato has to be prepared,” explained David West, Senior VP International Sales EMEA, Aspect Software.“With SIP-based VoIP and the virtual contact center capabilities that Aspect provides, Arvato is able to have the appropriate resources available to manage those contacts and maintain a consistent level of service.”

“Aspect CallCenter ACD is proven technology with extremely high reliability and virtually one hundred percent uptime,” added Leon van Adrichem, CTO at Arvato Services Benelux. “Additionally, Aspect is our supplier for other solutions, so this was a natural progression. Our investment remains protected and the implementation time was considerably shortened as Aspect already knows us. It has gone flawlessly.”

“This solution also helps Arvato offer our contact center capabilities as a hosted service, meaning third parties are able to offer their services by building upon our infrastructure,” he added. “This is an important step forward in our strategy to be an innovative market leader in the field of complex solutions in the services industry.”

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