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MIT Student To Time Travellers: Party On, Dudes

May 6, 2005

Maybe the following story will give you visions of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, complete with George Carlin in a phone booth in cool sunglasses, like it did me. Then again, maybe not.

An MIT student is this weekend hosting a "time traveler convention" on the Boston campus of the elite science and technology school. (It's at 8:00 pm tomorrow night, if you're a time traveller with no weekend plans, incidentally.) 

He's providing chips and dip, and the open invitation is out, across the galaxy, for all time travellers to show up and share their experiences. They must bring proof, however, that they are indeed time travellers. But it can't be anything cheesy, like a button that reads "Four More Years: Marilyn Manson For President, 2024." It should be something worthy, like a cure for cancer or a solution to global child poverty.

I'm not making fun, here...being a devout sci-fi fan myself, I never miss a space shuttle launch, a new book from Arthur C. Clarke or an episode of Stargate SG-1 (Claudia Black from "Farscape" joins the cast in tonight's episode, by the way).

But I wonder if chips and dip is enough to attract time travellers. I mean, are there any people travelling through the space-time continuum who often say, "Man, I'd really like to visit Earth in 2005, but the lack of chips and dips and a good kegger keeps me away"?

Just to make sure the time travellers can arrive in the proper spot, the student, Amal Dorai, has provided cosmic coordinates to the East Campus Courtyard of MIT (42:21:36.025 degrees north, 71:05:16.332 degrees west). He's also been having his friends slip paper invitations into obscure books, assuming these rare books will have found their way into the libraries of book collectors (and time travellers) of the future.

Personally, I figure that if time travelling was ever going to be possible, someone would have come back and told us about it by now. Then again, maybe someone has, and he's sitting in the drunk tank of the New York City lockup. (Cops: "We've got a live one in there. Says he's from the future. Wants chips and dip.")


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