A new mobile technology can help reduce health care cost

With the widespread development of mobile technology people are using their mobile devices to perform a myriad of functions.  A survey found that that 90% of people reach for their cell phones first thing in the morning as opposed to their toothbrush. 

Promoting Health through Mobile Technology
An area of that has been largely overlooked by developers of mobile technology applications is real-time health monitoring.  Mobile devices could provide a consistent method for keeping track of health related goals and to issue reminders for engaging in health related actions throughout the day.

Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs and Limitations of Single Setting Wellness Programs
Unless the focus of health care changes from treatment to prevention it has been estimated that health care costs will increase over 70% by 2019.  As such, wellness programs, many including weight management systems, have been implemented by many businesses to cut costs and improve employee health. These programs encourage preventive behaviors such as reducing smoking or healthy eating during working hours while employees are in an environment, which supports such actions.  However, when not at work, individuals often fail to continue these efforts, lacking the cues for health behaviors in alternate environments.
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