Jaxtr One-Number Dialing in India

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Jaxtr One-Number Dialing in India

Jaxtr has launched one-number dialing in India. What will this do for you and me?

1. Save money on international calls, in some cases as low as 1 cent or 43 paisa per minute.

2. Get a local India phone number. (So all my friends in India can call me like I'm local? Cool. Just need a plate of nihari and roti for dinner tonight, and everything will be perfect.)

3. No calling cards needed.

4. Plus Jaxtr has local numbers in 60 or so countries, so that anyone can make a call to a local phone number and have it ring to their friends, family, colleagues, and customers anywhere in the world.

5. There are approximately 190 countries and territories in the world, so... what do you do if you live in one of the other 130? Use Jaxtr's click to call while you wait for the magic of Jaxtr to probably very soon get phone numbers in your area.

Still don't understand how this works? See for yourself at Jaxtr's website on how it works!

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