Using IAX2 for your VoIP Business?

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Using IAX2 for your VoIP Business?

Let me give you a chance to further $$$tize IP communications by offering for you to share your IAX2 vs SIP protocol experience in using DIDX. Each person who uses IAX2, SIP, or a combination AND also DIDX who answers this survey fully with complete contact information to me on Facebook or my regular email will  be entered in a drawing for  $100 gas card or a $100 American Airlines voucher. I want to hear from you. Email me on my regular email or on Facebook with these answers and your name, phone number and email where I can contact you ASAP.

Again, please reply to this survey asap, plus your name, company, DIDX account number, cell phone and email for contact, so I can call you about your answers. (You can easily message with your information on Facebook.) I can't wait to discuss this and also monetizing IP communications in general.
 - what is the efficiency gain or loss from using IAX2 or the current combination of protocol you use?
 - how do your IAX2 vs. SIP customers differ in QoS, call setup time, complaints, etc.
 - what roadblocks has IAX2 helped you overcome?
 - what roadblocks has IAX2 introduced?
 - other issues relevant to you and your customer/vendor's use of Asterisk and IAX2

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