Video Interview: Commetrex Gold Sponsor ITEXPO West 2008

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Video Interview: Commetrex Gold Sponsor ITEXPO West 2008

Commetrex CEO Michael Coffee and Director of Marketing Communications Alex Adams are some of the most welcoming persons I've interviewed in the IP communications industry. All three of us enjoy running, drinking coffee and serving carriers with flexible and empowering technologies. Check out my Qik video discussion with them.

Commetrex empowers the enterprise and carrier with products in 4 categories--media-processing resource hardware, media-stream software environments, media-processing technologies, and telephony middleware-- are imbedded in every multi-line integrated-media system. Other manufacturers offer them as part of an integrated closed- architecture system platform that cannot be modified by the OEM.

But Commetrex offers these system elements as separate products that can be used individually or as part of an integrated platform. And, source code is licensed for each product. This combination of modularity and source-code licensing are the keys to "captive-technology jail" that Commetrex hands each customer.

They are also a  member of the Texas Instruments' Third-Party Developer Network.

Commetrex is exhibiting at Internet Telephony West in Los Angeles Sept 16-18, 2008 at booth 127 and is also a gold sponsor. Really looking forward to seeing Mike and Alex and their team and the rest of you reading at ITEXPO West!

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