Service Provider Compares IAX2 to SIP at ITEXPO West 2008

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Service Provider Compares IAX2 to SIP at ITEXPO West 2008

First, please forgive me for not posting in a while. My excuse is that I've been traveling around the globe to the most wonderful conferences and to meet with DIDX members (even saw Daniel Reyes from Megacable Communicaciones C.V. de S.A. get married in Acapulco last week... pictures and video to be posted soon.)

Mike of International Telecom does a good job summarizing why he is using IAX2 for his service provision instead of SIP. Some issues he mentions with SIP are one way audio and NAT especially in international areas. I just happened to see Bill Miller of Digium nearby and pulled him over to listen in. We are at the totally awesome business development experience at ITEXPO West 2008 in Los Angeles. Video is posted on Youtube!

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