Stephen Wu Shows How Time = $ and Gotvoice Saves it!

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Stephen Wu Shows How Time = $ and Gotvoice Saves it!

GotVoice got my attention when I found their page on Facebook and saw them in the ITEXPO exhibitor list. In addition this year, I have traveled* 18 weeks of the app. 22 weeks in 2008, and time is money for me. 

How does Gotvoice work? 
1. GotVoice retrieves voicemail from your home, cellular and office phones 
 2. GotVoice converts your voicemail into text and digital audio files 
 3. GotVoice delivers your voicemail to your phone or computer as text and audio.  
In their blog, Stephen Wu is quote, I have the advantage of coming on board at time when globally, carriers and service providers are seeking differentiation through services like GotVoice," he says. "Our carrier-grade solution is unparalleled in that it has been trained against millions of individual speakers from carriers throughout our markets and boasts unmatched accuracy and speed. We are helping to drive revenues for our partners by differentiating their offerings at a price point that stimulates usage." 

He is a great addition to the GotVoice team as of August 2008. Watch him on Youtube give a demonstration to Max Glucksmann (Comtel Networks) of how this awesome service works. Sign me up!!!

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