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October 2008

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Highlight Good Vendors, Truth about the Bad

October 27, 2008

Awesome. VendorRate gives you and me the opportunity to rate our suppliers. I use it regularly for our company's vendors. Just click here and rate away. 

See the quarter 3 of 2008 VendorRate Report, too. Ask your clients to rate you. It's the best advertisment you could have.

How Fring is Monetizing Mobile

October 27, 2008

Thanks to Markus Göbel for the summary of what's up with Fring at

Building and Monetizing the Open Mobile Economy

October 27, 2008

As the Internet and cellular mash-up, open models attract innovative mobile service entrepreneurs such as the ones noted on my other blog and its coments at Open Mobile Summit is the deal space for the new mobile economy. It's scheduled for Nov 19-20, the week after ISPCON and VOICECON and it's in San Francisco.

  • Define your role in the open mobile ecosystem - and how you can profit in this new environment
  • Meet the key players from across the entire wireless industry - operators, handsets, software and services - plus Internet, mobile web and new entrants
  • Understand the 'open' agendas of wireless, software and Internet giants as they battle for control of the mobile Internet
  • Discover how Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, TeliaSonera, Orange, O2 and Vodafone plan to survive and thrive in the new wireless economy
Sign up at, and check out the "movie star list of mobile expert speakers" at

Yearly Tradition of Predicting Etisalat's Legalization of VoIP

October 27, 2008

Every year Gitex 2008 participants pass our exhibit, tag us because of our DIDX shirts (which triggers a local VoIP discussion), and chat with us at receptions regarding the rumor that Etisalat, the government monopoly of telephony in United Arab Emirates... will legalize VoIP by the new year.

A Qatar online newsletter mentions the same in this article UAE May Ease Net Calls Rule.

I ask, "Who benefits most financially when there are restrictions on voice over Internet? Gray voice business, no doubt. Not the government."

I've got an appointment with Etisalat this week, actually two, one with carrier relations and the other with marketing. We'll see what happens.

Nike Pairs up with Your Mobile Phone

October 14, 2008

Mobilink, Blackberry, Nike at

Nike PhotoID to Create your own training shoes on your cell phone at

Just two of several instances I found on the net of Nike leveraging your mobile phone in creative ways to get your business.

Comparison Matrix of 7 Mobile VoIP Apps

October 14, 2008

Thanks to a lady in our industry who contributed to my question on my personal VoIP by Association blog at, we now have a very cool comparison/contrast matrix of VoIP mobile applications! Take a look at and even download it.

It covers <a href="">Ebuddy</a>, <a href="">EQO</a>, <a href="">Gizmo</a>, <a href="">Fring</a>, <a href="">Mig33</a>, <a href="">Nimbuzz</a>, <a href="">Skype</a>, and <a href="">Truphone</a>.


Making Sense of FCC Access Rules and Regulations

October 8, 2008

$tizing telecommunications whether IP or not can be tough in an age where government regulation stifles growth, innovation, and taxes us to death. 

Have you and/or your accounting team gone nuts over things to do with Federal Excise, State Communications Tax, 499 USAC fees, and on and on and on?
So, let's make sense out of it! CCMI's Understanding Telco Access & Interconnection Conference scheduled for October 20 - 21, 2008 is a great way to do that.

- FCC attempts to completely rework access rules and regulations... including USF
- How intercarrier compensation works for local service 

(Now, a bit off the subject...

Android Developers Workshop at Mobile Internet World Boston

October 6, 2008

Join Google's own Justin Mattson, to understand Google's strategy for its Android platform and how to build Android applications. The workshop opens with an introduction to the platform and includes two increasingly technical sessions on Android Development. The day closes with a fireside chat with the Android team.

Runs 1:30am to 5:30pm on Oct 21, 2008 during Mobile Internet World 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts. Conference passes are offered with an additional discount through Oct 10, 2008 Friday.

More info:

See more IP-communications related events at

Yes! TringMe Makes the Top 200 startups of Asia on Red Herring

October 3, 2008

Check out last year 2007's list of the 200 shortlist and final 100 winners for RedHerring 2007Tringme who made the highly-coveted 2008 200 shortlist and let's hope they make it to the 100... enables all kinds of cool things...
1. VoIP over mobile devices, good-bye roaming.
2. With APIs you can really use.
3. Make calls over WIFI or 3G.
4. Call from any device.
5. Get an incoming USA phone number over VoIP on your cell phone.

Check out their blog at

Yusuf Motiwala and his team are pretty innovative, friendly, next-gen thinkers. Nice to know them!

Interview with John Kenmuir of FaxSipit

October 3, 2008

I interviewed FaxSipit's John Kenmuir at ITExpo West 2008. He did a great job describing in just a few words what FaxSipit does and is... a  trunking service for reliable faxing over IP. They use T38 technologies and proprietary drivers to achieve same reliability as in TDM. See the FaxSipit booth at ITEXPO West 2008 and the website Check out the video interview on the TMCNET Conferences channel on Youtube at FaxSipit.

GregBoehnlein at Astricon 2008 on Public Internet vs Private Network

October 3, 2008

Greg Boehnlein compares/contrasts doing business with voice over public Internet versus private network connections. He shares a basic description of voice over Internet (packet switched) where routes may go in any direction. 

What are the techniques for quality control? DSCP (Descriptive Service Control Packets) for one. Greg advocates a strategy that puts you in more control. Watch him deliver at Astricon 2008 on this video.

Direct Inward Dialing, Not Termination is Where the $ is

October 3, 2008

Tons of people lately are emailing me asking for prices of DID/DDI on The list of DID/DDI and the lowest rate is at, but even if one has only a wholesale research account (not in active mode), one can see a lot more, including choice of vendor, vendor quality 0-8, features such as number of channels and minutes included...

For example, USA DID are available in 244 area codes with prices ranging from 99 cent to $5.00 per month and as many as unlimited minutes and 20 channels. This range is available because the third party vendors choose how they wish to sell on DIDX giving buyers more than one choice.

Israel Incumbent Bezeq Files for VoIP Permit

October 3, 2008 ... I'm late reading this, but just had to pass it on. It's true. Bezeq International, the Israel incumbent telecom has filed for a VoIP permit.

Service Wins over Price - Rate your VENDOR!

October 2, 2008

Just click here at VendorRate URL to rate all your vendors. Tell the world the truth of the kind of customer service they provide. Pass it on, too! 

Wow, this is cool. Monetization is one thing, but service is numero uno!

Fonality and Dell? Interesting

October 2, 2008

Just got an email from our company Dell representative Andrew... and the subject line is "Elevate Your Business With a Fonality Phone System from Dell."

I remember filming Chris Lyman, the CEO, at a past ITEXPO regarding Fonality, Trixbox, and their workshops there.

Find out how to decrease the cost of call management by running Fonality (TM) phone systems on Dell(TM) hardware at
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