Direct Inward Dialing, Not Termination is Where the $ is

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Direct Inward Dialing, Not Termination is Where the $ is

Tons of people lately are emailing me asking for prices of DID/DDI on The list of DID/DDI and the lowest rate is at, but even if one has only a wholesale research account (not in active mode), one can see a lot more, including choice of vendor, vendor quality 0-8, features such as number of channels and minutes included...

For example, USA DID are available in 244 area codes with prices ranging from 99 cent to $5.00 per month and as many as unlimited minutes and 20 channels. This range is available because the third party vendors choose how they wish to sell on DIDX giving buyers more than one choice. Canadian DID are available in 20 area codes with a vendor rated 8 (excellent) offering at $3/month with 5000 minutes and 2 channels. 53 other countries' DID/DDI are also available.

A buyer and seller API is available with information at

Direct inward dialing is a key technology for business in gaining a global market instead of just local and to satisfy today's extremely mobile customers and more. Also there is the fact that origination is fast becoming the way to get higher ARPU for wireless operators and raise a telecom's ROI in general since termination is too competitive. Check out some of the popular sites for wholesale or resale or consumer source of domestic and international phone numbers:

1. DIDX (yes, our company provides this)
2. Tollfreeforwarding
3. Voxbone
4. Phone2net
6. DID Worldwide

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