Eavesdrop on IPiFony and FrogNet re: Leveraging Open Source

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Eavesdrop on IPiFony and FrogNet re: Leveraging Open Source

Listen in on two of telephony industry's brightest minds of Matthew Hardeman of IPiFony and two guys from FrogNet after an ISPCON session in November 2008 in San Jose. Watch and hear at Viddler.com.

Frognet started in 1996 as a dial-up ISP company. The availability of open source telephony software is only one part of the business operation equation. Other real costs to manage an ISP business include price of equipment acquisition, human capital, training, data conversion and integration. More importantly, finding and hiring motivated CS talent must be factored into this equation.
The three guys discuss the other costs for internet service providers. Digium's Asterisk open source software helps new internet service providers bring soft switch applications including VOIP and other telephony services to the marketplace. DIDX was a media sponsor for ISPCon 2008. Brian Coburn and Anne Tredway recorded this discussion at the San Jose Conference Center in November.

Check out FrogNet's site at http://www.frognet.net/.

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