Educate Yourself with Guru John Todd at ISPCON

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Educate Yourself with Guru John Todd at ISPCON

By guest editors, colleagues, and friends of Suzanne: Anne Tredway and Bryan Coburn

Todd (the open source community director for Digium®.) keeps a modest demeanor throughout his presentations and discussions at ISPCON 2009 in San Jose, California despite our industry's recognition that Digium®. is the innovative force behind Asterisk®.

Watch and listen to one of John Todd's presentations at ISPCON in four video recordings.

1. An Introduction to Asterisk® at

2. ISPs Control = Happiness at

3. Long Tail of Telephony networks at

4. Asterisk® the Cost-Effective Ecosystem at

Listen to interesting anecdotes of the Burning Man Festival and a GSM bay station, the Hawaiian provider with no competition, and more. 

ISPCON is one of many industry secrets among global conferences. Our DIDX team has a DID/DDI media channel on TMC website with one major objective to showcase IP communications conferences, expos, workshops and seminars that DIDX sponsors as a media partner or supporting organization sponsor. Events that wish to harness the power of this media outlet, please contact suzanne @

(ISPCON has an innovative team that works together to make the conference happen. We found several great practices to copy such as showing the "faces" of the speakers at the end of the main web page at In fact, we would recommend that they include the faces of the exhibitors, sponsors and some of the attendees next time.)

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