VoIP Dead or Alive with Sheryl Breuker and CALLiFLOWER

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VoIP Dead or Alive with Sheryl Breuker and CALLiFLOWER

VoIP デッドオアアライブ, Dead or Alive ~ Sheryl Breuker and Ken Camp "help people in technology find their passions, reach their goals, and soar to the stars."  On January 5, 2009 Monday at (GMT -08:00), be a part of the CALLiFLOWER free conference call and conversation hosted by Sheryl Breuker. VoIP, Dead of Alive.

This call will address what I think are tough questions, ones that we need to ask and answer truthfully... and it might help when the air gets hot and stuffy, that Robin Williams pay a visit to lighten things up a bit.

1. Do you truly and honestly believe VoIP is a vital, growing technology that's of any interest to customers?

2. In ten words or less, what do you think the single hottest niche segment within the unified communications space is for 2009? Depending how many they get, they may discuss these in more detail, because Sheryl thinks this is where the meat of the conversation we're circling around lies.

3. In ten words or less, what do you think is the single most talked about but unlikely to drive real change and innovation technology in 2009? Where do you think time, effort and money are being wasted?

4. What one company or service do you think will take the industry by storm in 2009?

5. What one spectacular flameout do you think is coming in the industry in 2009?

Add yourself to the debate, conversation, discussion  ... here ... http://apps.new.facebook.com/calliflower/conf/show/43921.

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