Eavesdropping on Barcelona's 2009 GSMA Conference

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Eavesdropping on Barcelona's 2009 GSMA Conference

What have I seen? What have I heard in a few discussions both as part of and ... our favorite... eavesdropping.

Skype will come pre-installed on Nokia cell phones that start with an "N."

Complaints about the same things: mobile pricing needs to be easy and transparent to understand for the consumer. Batteries lose their charge too quickly. Most web pages are not easy to view. Even when they are easy to view, they are often exactly that... view only ... no ability to enter text or click on anything. The desktop/laptop view is definitely more interactive, i.e., Facebook, banks, Quickbooks, eBay, etc. 

Dialog Telekom will set up 10 solar and wind-powered base stations in Sri Lanka.

Paul, Brook and I discussed the green technology solutions with one of their competitors. He stated that they are targeting emerging countries. We asked him if they are working with any non-profit organizations. He said, "Not yet."

There was much talk on mobile banking and ... I still don't get it... video, watching it via the "net." What is the statistic? I'm talking about the number of people who can afford to watch video on mobile and who have service in an area that can offer it? 

(4G Wireless Evolution, a conference in collaboration with ITEXPO in Miami this past year was a great experience.)

We met several companies outside of GSMA conference hours at receptions, parties, Tweetups, and dinners. We liked these:

Bernard Wiegmann of http://www.wib-software.de who lives near CeBIT!

Vic Shroff of http://www.3cinteractive.com from Boca Raton, Fl.

Peter Lindgren of http://www.mobiledocuments.com from Stockholm. That's in RebTel territory.

Tomas Zeman of http://www.wirenode.com from Czech Republic.

Robin Puthli of http://www.itude.com from the Netherlands.

Carlos Tabaoada of http://www.webmob-ad.com from Miami, FL.

Rob and Ilene Adler of http://www.pr-vantage.com of California. I met this smart couple the first time at NXTCOMM 2008 and will see them again at now called SUPERCOMM 2009 in Chicago.

Alessandro Pace of http://www.biskero.com from Italy.

Teresa Ostman of http://www.wipconnector.com from British Columbia.

Milena Djuricic of http://www.google.com from Greece.

Georges de La Ville-Bauge of www.level134.com and TwitRSS.

Hasta luego. I'm heading off to Day 4 of GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.


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