What is the Universal Service Fund?

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What is the Universal Service Fund?

Check Wikipedia's definition and description of Universal Service Fund and Systems.

True... because of this Universal Service Fund my Dad who lives in a small country town in Florida, USA now has DSL for the first time.  

It's in Japan ...

"What is the Universal Service System?
This is a system that mandates telecommunications carriers including NTT Communications to bear part of the expenses required for ensuring that universal services such as the subscriber phones, etc. provided by NTT East and NTT West are made available fairly and stably throughout all of Japan. The burden is calculated based on part of the costs for subscriber lines (basic fees) in high-cost regions such as outlying islands and mountainous areas, and the deficit created by Type 1 public phones."

It's in the USA ...

"The goals of Universal Service, as mandated by the 1996 Act, are to:

  • Promote the availability of quality services at just, reasonable and affordable rates for all consumers
  • Increase nationwide access to advanced telecommunications services
  • Advance the availability of such services to all consumers, including those in low income, rural, insular, and high cost areas at rates that are reasonably comparable to those charged in urban areas
  • Increase access to telecommunications and advanced services in schools, libraries and rural health care facilities
  • Provide equitable and non-discriminatory contributions from all providers of telecommunications services to the fund supporting universal service programs



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