Skuku and other Mobile VoIP Applications Avoid Roaming

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Skuku and other Mobile VoIP Applications Avoid Roaming

02162009(010).jpgPaul Deane and I met Ziv Rotblit of Skuku (only 3 months old and already serving 20 countries) at GSM in Barcelona this year. Their services lets you turn your PC into your cell phone anywhere in the world" is very accurate. They offer their users the added flexibility of staying in their home network with their own number and local plan prices no matter where they are in the world. 

Essentially, their technological breakthrough is the convergence of the GSM network and the Internet. They can help people traveling abroad save a lot of money on their roaming charges, but the beauty lies in the fact that they do it from their own cell number that doesn't change no matter where they are in the world. 

Skuku users can also receive calls and text messages directly to their number so there's no need to notify clients or business partners that they're traveling. They can still call using your regular cell number. The company is searching for good distributors, so tell them Suzanne sent you.

Other services that reduce mobile roaming and include incoming international phone numbers from as many as 54 countries: Skype, Celtrek, MaxRoam, Nimbuzz, Tringme, Rebtel, Gizmo5, and Jaxtr. (Not an all inclusive list.)

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