8x8 Freedom Unlimited Price Increase, Still Great Deal

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8x8 Freedom Unlimited Price Increase, Still Great Deal

How do you continue to monetize IP communications in a tough economy? Raise the price?

Rate increase effective June 1, 2009, as follows: 8x8 Freedom Unlimited Plan - $24.99/month ... still not bad, when you compare the complimentary features that usually incur extra charges from traditional phone services:
Voicemail to Email Notification
Caller ID with Name
Caller ID Blocking
Anonymous Call Blocking
Call Waiting
Call Waiting Disable
Call Waiting ID
Follow Me, Find Me
Simultaneous Ringing
7-Digit Local Dialing
Network Unavailable Forwarding
Call Return
Call Forwarding
Three-Way Calling
Online Account Management And Billing
Do Not Disturb
Phone-Based Call Management
I keep hearing of this one company who is advertising their digital Internet phone service on one bill with broadband, cable tv, and voice where it offers the largest local calling service area. Local? I thought nowadays the whole of the U.S.A. is local to US residents, at least when it comes to voice, cellular or IP. The voice portion of the one bill price is almost double that of 8x8's and most VoIP service providers, offer unlimited calling throughout the USA, Canada and often several other countries.

Now, if only 8x8 would start offering DID and DDI from more countries,

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