BlinkMind Video Conferencing Reviewed, Love it

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BlinkMind Video Conferencing Reviewed, Love it

Video conferencing... what are the first thoughts that come to mind? It's too expensive, it takes too much bandwidth. We don't need it. On the flip side, I have come to the conclusion that it is a must in the mix of plans businesses have for staying in touch with competitors, suppliers, clients, and business partners along with audio telephony, instant chat, email, and conference face to face. Match a Polycom or Grandstream video phone with BlinkMind video conferencing service and watch things happen!

BlinkMind's video conferencing solution definitely outperforms regular peer to peer video in quality customer and technical service.  It has designed a video conferencing solution with the demanding business environment in mind. Paul Turso and I, both from DIDX at the time, experienced and tested what it's like to be a BlinkMind customer on a Grandstream GXV-3000 video phone. The real-time video was a sharp thirty frames per second with an absolutely pristine audio experience. No more wishes for a dedicated video conference room filled with expensive high tech equipment. Small to medium sized businesses like ours have access to technology that can bring a wealth of savings, monetize and create more effective communications, and open new possibilities. I can't get 16 way video conferencing on Skype. (I like and use Skype. Our company is on the SILK developer list.)

BlinkMind's video conferencing product line will never replace the all important face to face interaction. How did I meet Chris Veasey, BlinkMind's CoFounder & VP of Engineering in the first place? At an ITEXPO conference, of course. But, the service will help your company maintain the important client relationship in a more effective way. The cost is less than one tank of gas per month. One solution, for increased productivity, better customer relations and real savings to the bottom line.

BlinkMind is also a "family reunion in a box," a relief to decreasing family travel budgets. Families use BlinkMind's "video conferencing platform" to connect with loved ones anywhere with broadband Internet. View multiple family members at once, up to 16. You can also connect your TV, flat panel display or any other monitor that accepts a standard RCA video input for maximum view.

The company offers friendly customer service, always leaving the customer feeling empowered and not belittled. We had a small glitch at the beginning of the test, of one-way audio, solved within less than three minutes. See the customer service in action on Youtube.

There is a Call Record feature. I forgot to download the video call I made within 7 days. It has been a fast-paced 2009 so far. No recession around the Super Technologies, headquarters. But what a great feature to review any audio or video calls that you make and receive. Just log into your BlinkMind account and see a green check mark under Record. Click and download.

I recommend readers to join the BlinkMind Facebook page to watch demo videos, participate in discussion, meet other BlinkMind users, and just experience the friendly and helpful interaction with the BlinkMind team. Keep up with the latest via BlinkMind's blog at

So what's next?  I already have requests from the more technically-savvy readers to complete another video call and record with Nathan from BlinkMind Communications, Inc. to discuss the technical nature and advantages of the video conferencing service.

BlinkMind designs, develops and innovates. It is a member of which means its clients have access to owning a phone number from any of up to 60 nations. I am amazed at the speed this company's customer base is growing. In conclusion, I want you to checkout BlinkMind's service and perhaps even consider becoming a reseller.

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