Making your Website Accessible to Mobile Surfers

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Making your Website Accessible to Mobile Surfers

Let's make more of the web accessible to mobile phones, okay? Some companies don't make sure that they are delivering valid XHTML. I discussed this with Jessica Zhu, an expert in XML and XHTML*, at ISPCON last year. World Wide Web Consortium can help your company check to see if your websites are mobile-friendly. Check their best practices published in January 2009. W3 is also looking for your feedback

Come hang out with more experts on mobile applications and technology at the following conferences. I'll see you there.

Sept 1-3, 2009 ITEXPO and 4G Wireless Evolution

Sept 15-18, 2009 4G World

Oct 6-9, 2009 CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment®

* Check Surfin' Safari for the relationship among XML, XHTML and HTML.

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