Mobile Excellence Awards 2009

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Mobile Excellence Awards 2009

I have so many friends in the mobile everything industry, and I hope they all apply for the Mobile Excellence Awards 2009. I'd love to see any of them win.

Submit your application at for the 2009 Mobile Excellence Awards. Mobile Monday will present the awards. Award submissions must be postmarked by August 31st, 2009. Please send your submissions along with payment to LMM- Mobile Awards @ 139 S Beverly Drive, Suite 230 Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

2008 Mobile Excellence Award Winners

Best Start Up ◦EQO Communications (Listen to the Bending the Needle podcast interview of EQO's Bill Tam.) 
Best Comeback ◦FusionOne
Best Mobile Innovator, Mobile Technology ◦2Ergo
Best Mobile Advertising ◦GoTV Networks for Crescent Heights
Best Mobile Video ◦QuickPlay Media
Best Social Network ◦Zannel
Best Innovator Mobile Entertainment ◦Transpera
Best Mobile Games ◦EA Mobile, Monopoly
Best Mobile Music ◦Gracenote
Best Original Programming, Mobile ◦Sony Pictures TV, Afterworld
Best Mobile Community/Fan Content ◦Vringo
Best Mobile Promotion ◦Sportgenic, Ironman & AT&T
Best Adapted/Companion Program ◦Direct TV, NFL Mobile
People's Choice Award ◦GoTV Networks (Hip Hop Official)
Mobile Ambassador Award ◦Jack Hallahan/MobiTV

Get recognized. You deserve it. Your clients do, too.

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