Set of Printer Cartridges or Open Silicon Valley Forum?

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Set of Printer Cartridges or Open Silicon Valley Forum?

Forget the cartridges and attend the Social Media Academy and other great sessions at Open Silicon Valley Forum in Mountain View on June 13th, 2009. Listen and mix with the experts from RockYou, SlideShare, Zoosk, Sharethrough, and Eduify. A miniscule entry fee of $55 for the full conference right now will place you in an inspirational circle of movers and shakers at the forum's venue the Computer History Museum.

The main categories set for this event include cleantech, global affairs, and tech and media. See the full conference schedule. Fantastic opportunities include pitching for the Entrepreneurial Idol award (application deadline Monday June 1, 2009) and Clean Investor Pitch Lunch. (application deadline Sunday May 31, 2009).

The conference registration includes:
  • Access to Keynotes
  • Access to world-class professional development workshops & panels, covered in three parallel tracks
  • Access to networking sessions with global business leaders
  • A three-course, delectable lunch buffet
Everything we do on the Internet and make available on the Internet involves some form of communication.  Monetizing IP communications, to me, means making the best us of available resources to add new customers, keep them, over-please them,  for the and have them refer more. The Open Silicon Valley Summit has a great combination of world Internet leaders, topics and opportunities for interaction, collaboration, and business. Sign up at

Hotels in the area...

The Computer History Museum address is 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, Califonria 94043.

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