Become a VISP with Customers who Trust You

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Become a VISP with Customers who Trust You

So, you have a hundreds, if not thousands of customers who trust you because of your track history of quality service and products. Need to satisfy your customers more fully? Need to see new revenue and keep your current customers as well as gain new? Ever thought of providing ISP service to your customers but don't have the finances to buy the necessary equipment and network? Consider the lucrative business of becoming a virtual ISP.

What are the advantages? The entrepreneur or business owner will partner with a third-party provider in order to offer ISP services without the traditional expenses and duties normally required. The virtual ISP will not invest in any network, equipment or backroom/technical support needed to offer ISP services. Instead, the third-party provider handles the needs of the end user but is invisible to the end user who only sees the virtual ISP.

Example: Company Z is an online auction provider in a local area who wants to extend its services to offer its customers ISP services to bring additional value to its customers and to become a more global brand name. Company Z is a retailer and does not have the traditioanl resources to include services in ISP (Internet Service Provision). It will hire Company Y, an existing ISP, to provide the ISP services. Company Y will create a re-branded ISP for Company Z so that Company Z's customers fell comfortable with securing their ISP services through the online auction provider, a business they have trust in already. In reality Company Y, the real ISP, is providing the services. Company Y who invisible to the end user.

Company Z is now not only an online auction provider in a local area, but also a virtual ISP in that local area and also with the potential of the globe as its potential market, the trust of their current customers.

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