Carl is Correct: Mobile Apps the Craze

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Carl is Correct: Mobile Apps the Craze

Carl Ford is great about updating us all on what to look forward to in the 4G Wireless Evolution scheduled for Sept 1-3, 2009. He has my absolute agreement on this intro statement: "It seems the mobile consumer can not get enough of their share of mobile applications... "

In fact, he goes on to say, "The iPhone store, Android store and similar initiatives from Nokia and RIM suggest power is shifting away from the operators and into the hands of application developers and the end user."

Half of the updates I read from those who I am following on Twitter are about mobile and mobile-related conferences, applications, equipment, services, and peripherals. Jeb Brilliant, a guy who I think does a great job identifying any kind of business potential in anything, is just one of them, and is avid on the latest in mobile anything.

In October 2008, I posted a comparison of mobile voip applications created by a very good friend that has received more hits than any other on my own personal/company blog. 

In addition, most of those that I interview at conferences around the globe as press agent or media partner at Gitex, CommunicAsia, CEATEC, CeBIT, ITEXPO, 4G Wireless Evolution, SUPERCOMM, ITU Telecom World, IIT VoIP, CTIA Wireless, Cluecon, and Astricon, approach the top that the power and direction of IT anything is more and more in the power of the actual user. Why is this? Most common answer is online social media. So... looks like a smart move to register for the event!

Early Bird pricing is in effect until July 17th for 4G Wireless Evolution and will provide for savings of up to $300 off single person passes and up to $1,000 off of group registrations.

Keep in mind that 4G Wireless Evolution is collocated with IT West 2009 in Los Angeles from Sept 1-3, 2009. And for those who cannot get enough 4G power, check out also the 4G World Conference scheduled for Sept 15-18, 2009 in Chicago, and CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment scheduled for Oct 6-9, 2009 in San Diego.  

I'll be at all three. Why? It is more productive to fly to conferences where so many of the people you want to learn from and/or do business with ... will be, than to squeeze all those calls, emails and more into your work days. You and I can still use our cell phone or netbook to email, IM, voip call, point DIDs and more and keep working while at the conference as needed.

BTW, follow 4GWorld and TMCnet (ITEXPO) on Twitter. Add yourself to the Facebook groups here:

ITEXPO West and 4G Wireless Evolution in Los Angeles, Sept 1-3, 2009

4G World in Chicago, Sept 15-18, 2009

CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment in San Diego, Oct 6-9, 2009

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