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Mary Anne Tolentino... someone told me Texting in iphone is quite challenging. I tested it a few days ago in the apple store, medyo hard nga....easier with N97. Ergo, I need to decide will it be N97 or Iphone 3GS? Of course iphone looks sexiersmile
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Edwin Sallan... i'm getting used to it now. tiyaga lang, Maan. =)
7 hours ago

Edwin Sallan... although I don't think you'll regret opting for the N97, too. nice phone as well. did i just confuse you? =)
7 hours ago

Jerry RiveraN97 it is
7 hours ago

Suzanne Bowen... Mary Anne, Perry Ismangil said the Nokia series is easier to text and use Internet on than the iPhone. He's at http://perry.ismangil.com/. I use Nokia e61i, a little older than the 97. Enjoy, whatever you decide!
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Jed Domingo... My humble vote goes for the N97...8-)
7 hours ago

Travelife Mag... We find Nokia much easier for texting too.
7 hours ago

Eric Tiongson... @Maan, you buying or Globe giving you one?
7 hours ago

Mary Anne Tolentino... My handset upgrade of course am brokesmile So which one? I like both! But I need to choose just one
7 hours ago

Mary Anne Tolentino... Txtng is impt but there are other considerations. Read a lot of reviews. Checked it out in apple store and nokia but briefly. I dont like to make a mistake cause will be tied up 2 yrs..........so
7 hours ago

Elmar M. Gomez... iPhone. Use N97 for your other SIM.smile
6 hours ago

Eric Tiongson... If texting is that important, I'd suggest the N97. :-) I'm using an E71 and I can't imagine doing as much typing as I do on an iPhone.
6 hours ago

Mary Anne Tolentino... voice calls, SMS, email very impt, internet sufing, FB of course, video, camera those are the impt stuff I use it for. Not music, mauubos battery agad. Another consideration is, can I get a spare battery at once? mpt for me. cant wait to have it charged before i use it again.
6 hours ago

Eric Tiongson... iPhone's cannot have their battery replaced, so usability-wise N97 is looking good for you. :-)

Catch though is that if you don't get an iPhone from Globe now, you might not get one in the next 2 years. Whereas Nokia's can be purchased anytime anywhere.
6 hours ago

Mary Anne Tolentino... so you mean they wont sell iphone in the open market? will u not get an iphone for u?
6 hours ago

Eric Tiongson... they offered the older iPhone model, i want the new one. not sure if they have any on stock by now. :-) 

and, nope, not aware of any plans to open up iPhone anytime soon.
5 hours ago

Mary Anne Tolentino... end of july or early august ang dating ng iphone 3gs. N97 was released this week or was that last week? kaya ang hirap mag decide
5 hours ago

Suzanne Bowen... This is an excellent discussion on cell phone choice, Mary Anne. Small favor? Can I copy this discussion to my blog? Can I leave your names in or do I give a pseudo name for each? The content is something people should read.
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Mary Anne Tolentino... suzanne go aheadsmile may help others in making a choice
5 minutes ago

Mary Anne Tolentino... but some of the sentences are in the vernacularsmile

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