First ever Social Media and VoIP Language Teaching Course

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First ever Social Media and VoIP Language Teaching Course

"The English language teaching course book called 'English Out There - Intermediate TD4' enables schools, teachers and students to use the internet's free social networks and free internet telephony to make their English learning much more interactive, motivating, practical and inexpensive.

Not only does the first social media English course book challenge publishing convention (though not the latest research) about how people actually learn a second language; the methodology it applies also drastically lowers the financial barrier for millions of schools, teachers and students around the world who would like to integrate highly valuable native speaker practice into every single lesson for free."

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Social media and internet telephony are also a great combination for improving how one uses one's first language also. That is the real reason I first became interested in voIP and social online media (although it wasn't called that... back then) in 1995. I was a middle school English for eighth grade level in Century, Florida where this was needed, used even back then in my classroom every day and it was very effective... effective enough to help the George W. Carver Middle School raise its score to above average and in the top two schools in the Escambia County on the Florida Writes! exam.  Effective enough to help increase percentage of homework completed, number of books read, and better attendance.

Interesting, very interesting.

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