IPsmarx's New Enhanced Direct DID Solution Version VI

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IPsmarx's New Enhanced Direct DID Solution Version VI

Have you heard? IPsmarx Technology, oh yes, they know that we may be calling each other in the future via our DNA number, our real name, telepathy, SIP address only, or some other method of identification of the one you want to call and be called by. For now, the company is doing something very interesting! 

They offer an Enhanced Direct DID Solution Version VI which allows service providers to deliver to their customers with an affordable medium through which they can make international calls.  Through this solution, calls are routed through a landline phone or cell phone eliminating the need for your customers to have internet access or an IP phone. 

What's wrong with that? It's convenient. It's what people are comfortable with, calling a phone number, having a phone number to give out, and such. So, while it is an important part of people's identity... same time, we are all developing other technologies for providing to users in other areas that are innovative and useful. Prep for the future!

How can you take advantage and start a new telecom business or improve your current one? Keep in mind that IPsmarx has clients in 170 nations, not bad, and their clients contact my company often with good to say about IPsmarx.
Take advantage of this solution and address some of the most prominent challenges within the telecommunications industry!

Challenge #1
A business person has international offices and clients located all over the world and he does not want them to have to dial a long distance number in order to reach him.

With the IPsmarx Direct DID Platform, you can now offer business people many international phone numbers that are forwarded to one cell phone.

Challenge #2
A client's mother lives in another country and he does not want to have to dial an access number, PIN, and destination number every time he wants to call her.

Instead of dialing an access number and then the destination, this client can have a local number that is forwarded directly to his mother's phone so he will only have to dial one local number anytime he wants to call her. Service providers can offer this service with IPsmarx' Direct DID Platform.

Challenge #3
A call center in India needs to have toll-free phone numbers for their customers in the US and UK to dial.

With the IPsmarx Direct DID Platform, service providers can offer a toll free number that is forwarded to a call center in a different country.

To celebrate their new solution release, IPsmarx is offering a limited time promotion from now until September 4th, 2009, where you will receive $2000 off when purchasing this solution or 15% off the purchase of an add-on module.
To learn more about our Direct DID solution or if you have any questions, please your account manager at http://www.ipsmarx.com.

Look for my next blog on their Sales Manager Ludy Reveron in which we have a conversation recorded to podcast about her life since immigrating to the USA.

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