Interview VoIP Historians, Haider on Aplio and Net2Phone

Remember Aplio and Net2phone? Immerse yourself in Internet telephony history with Haider Ali. Rehan Allahwala (inventor of DIDX and Virtual Phone Line) and I (vice president of Super Technologies and DIDX) interviewed Haider who is a house-hold name in technology in the Middle East and Pakistan. We took advantage of the press room at CommunicAsia in Singapore 2009 where we were media partner. The video interview is on Youtube.

Back in the mid '90s, early technology adopters, both technically savvy and not, became interested in internet telephony. (I was one where I used Vocaltec's Internet Phone in my 8th grade middle school English classroom to augment reading, writing, and speaking in standard English.) 

Haider Ali had a friend who told him about Net2phone, to make calls over the Internet cheap, like 30 cents per minutes, Haider went to New York to meet Jordan Katz about this. Haider Ali was a key Internet telephony leader who later championed Aplio phone and other VoIP solutions, the advantages and opportunities that Internet telephony made available. 

Being a media partner for global IP communications is rewarding because of the history we discover everywhere and are able to share with you. 

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Haider was the first to create a retail offering around VoIP with a recurring revenue stream. He was well ahead of anyone. It was a minimal investment and Haider was hard to reach (always on the train between Malaysia and Singapore) but he had great vision.

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