Popularity of Africa for Local Presence and Outsourcing

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Popularity of Africa for Local Presence and Outsourcing

Just read an email newsletter from Inveneo, the organization that has since 2006, with their Certified ICT Partners have delivered solutions to more than 300 communities in 23 countries, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, but now also in Nepal, and Bangladesh. There are now 48 Inveneo Certified ICT Partners in 16 countries. Inveneo and their partners have brought access to life-changing ICTs to more than 800,000 people in rural and underserved areas of the developing world. That is an item to brag about. 

Africa is getting popular. The number of DID requests from wholesale service providers for Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Namibia, Rwanda, and Republic of Congo have increased in 2009 on DIDXchange. Mobility is the key in Africa as Gary Kim wrote in the GlobalVision magazine, 2nd quarter 2009 issue. Wireless companies are joining DIDX to sell Africa phone numbers, and the most recent is Kenya. 

Companies who used to outsource some sales and customer service tasks to India and the Philippines are seriously studying a switch to Africa, Pakistan, China and eastern Europe. The accent on English is quite easy to understand especially of many Africans. Infrastructure and education are key issues in making a success of the switch-over. G. Pashal Zachary spoke about this as early as 2004 and the Global Vision magazine second quarter 2009 dedicates almost half the issue to Africa and the opportunities there.

Visit the Inveneo site for more inspiration, to donate or even to find out how to become an Inveneo Certified Partner today. Check DIDX phone number marketplace (wholesale) to join and sell DID to 12,500 providers in 170 nations and/or buy from 63 countries. Read the Global Vision magazine. Email berge@bekapublishing.com for a subscription.

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