Spoiled on Working Every Other Where I Want

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Spoiled on Working Every Other Where I Want

When one's employee or team (also in my opinion negatively known as staff or human resources) buys into its work and task area assignment, he, she or they can be trusted to work anywhere, any time and in any way. When the boss gives this type of work group access to making suggestions and changes, the company can soar financially. The enthusiasm and drive will be seen by other potential employees, customers, and suppliers. But what is needed to work anywhere, any time and in any way and how?

Wireless internet which is every other "where." See Wifi Free Spot, Open Wifi Spots, and one of my favorites, Panera. A smart phone, a netbook, and/or a laptop with wireless internet connection enabled and a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea will please the type of employee I am describing. I have always enjoyed my career history with companies where I was awarded at least a 50/50 power sharing of my work. Being able to work from home, the main office, at a conference, at Panera, or any area of WIFI or other Internet is empowering and results in new and better (creative, innovative, practical, client-enabling) ideas, processes and results.''

In fact, there is the potential with the right team for more quality business to get done.

The team also will be able to make and/or receive phone calls with SIP agents (no extra equipment) which such services as Skype, Vopium, Vippie, Virtual Phone Line, Nimbuzz, Truphone, Fring, Rebtel, mig33, and more. I have tried them all and am extremely excited about the integration of IM, SMS, and other features with some of the services.

It will be really difficult for me after over ten years of working every other "where" I want, any time, and any way, to change back to working at the same desk in the same office on the same street in the same city every day. I won't do it.

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