Lleida Spain SMS Mobile Operator, Enters USA Market with Florida

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Lleida Spain SMS Mobile Operator, Enters USA Market with Florida

Have you heard of Lleida? They are a leader in the new SMS over IP and more services. First, they are the first SMS mobile operator in Spain and a veteran member of GSMA. Second, what made me notice them was an excellent press release about their entry into the USA mobile operator market starting with Florida. We met at CTIA Wireless and Entertainment in San Diego this year where I recorded a quick interview with their CEO Sisco Sapeno on my CTIA playlist.

A final aside... really interesting that when I was interviewed this past week by Mr. Tehrani at the TMC booth, I was asked what are the latest trends in DID? Two of the trends I mentioned follow.

1. A larger and larger majority of those joining DIDX to buy and sell DID and DDI are global mobile operators. The last few were from Kenya, Singapore, and Malaysia.

2. An increasing number of those joining are also from Africa, Asia, new areas of Europe like Spain, and also those with a "market" in Asia.

3. "SMS" over IP is hot. So hot, our http://www.didx.net/api has filters for only DID that are "SMS compatible."

I'll let the readers debate why.

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