Gas is the New Little Guy Gone Big Plus Saudi Arabia VoIP

"There is enough natural gas in the United States to supply the country with its energy needs for the next century", said energy advocate T. Boone Pickens.

I surveyed several in my Facebook and Linkedin business networks to get their opinion on this, so check out what some had to say.

1. "If your country would make a slow transition from using foreign oil to gas already in United States of America, I think you'd have the newest cure for terrorism. All you would need then is to replace the world's rich people's addiction to drugs made from poppy with something like um... laughter and bungee jumping?"

2. The investment brokerages and banks need to pay attention to this and start advising their clients to invest in domestic gas.

3. I always love when the little guy finally gets the attention he deserves. Remember the song "Short People." Lol.

4. Let me quote OfficialWire article: "He points to a research study by the Colorado School of Mines that puts the estimated natural gas reserves in the United States at more than 2,000 trillion cubic feet." They are quoting T. Boone Pickens here. Not to be confused with T-bone.

5. How about if we get a Saudi Arabia Asterisk Users and Business group started and maybe bring together all those who are already developing voip solutions there? This will help Saudi Arabia do more business with the outside world in something besides oil.



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