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IP Communications Solve Problems Faster

This is the way to get things done in a digital world. (They used Dim Dim, Qik, and Camstudio.)

CIO: I've asked Graphic Editor to create a banner for the top area of our page last week, but I just noticed that you gave us detailed directions. I have forwarded this to him today. Meanwhile, is this one okay that Graphic Editor made?

Web Page Developer: The only thing missing on this banner is the clickTag code. Please see instruction for flash ads below.

*If you plan to send Flash files: please do not embed any URL for any flash creatives. 
We require that Flash files contain the clickTAG function so that we can track clicks.  There are two easy ways in which you can do this in the file's actions panel.  Simply choose one of these versions and cut and paste it into the actions panel in your actions layer in the timeline.  The syntax is as follows and the code must match exactly as shown here (all punctuation and upper or lower case included):
This is the simplest one to implement.  Simply create a new layer on your timeline called actions. Then in both the first and last frame of the movie cut and paste the following into the actions panel:
on (release) {
getURL (clickTAG);
If you prefer to use a button instance name in the properties panel use this code:
Your-Button-Instance-Name.onPress = function ()
getURL (clickTAG);
Just a quick note about using buttons in your Flash file.  I find it easiest to create the flash animation first and then when it is all set create an invisible button (a button with just a hit state) over the whole stage at the highest layer.  Make sure the button shows throughout the whole movie (i.e. first and last frame).  This will be the button that utilizes your click tag function above.  As well make sure your action with the clickTag function for the button appears throughout the whole movie.
>> When you send the creative to us just let us know what the URL should be and we will synchronize the clickTAG to direct to that URL.
Please make sure it is a clickable button that will get the proper URL. We can accept files up to 100kb; however we prefer the file to be as
optimized as possible for page load purposes.  Ideally file size should stay 40kb and below.

Graphic Editor: I have tried this a million times, but i dont know why I cant create a link with button. I just made a video of my procedure of linking a button, I'll be glad if you watch the video (please click the link below) and let me know where I am mistaken. Thankx

Web Developer: Let's do screen sharing.

Graphic Editor: That was great. Success this time! please see attached and let me know if it is ok.

Web Developer: Big Ten-Four. Over and out.

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