IP Communications Fuel Haiti Relief Efforts

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IP Communications Fuel Haiti Relief Efforts

Vocati Communications, a DIDX partner, provides one of the few communications channels that are live right now in Haiti. Andres Acero and/or Bill McCarthy who in Haiti now will be interviewed by CBS co-anchor concerning these efforts. I am asking you to collaborate with Vocati to bring peace, stability, and life repair back to the Haitans. We are especially looking for donations in IP communications area.

How? Email haiti@vocaticommunications now, and share how you can help. Some of the ways that companies are offering to help include pipe cuts on cards, termination donations, Haiti DID donations, financial contributions, publicity by owners of high-profile media online. 

For example, B*evolved donated cellular phones and ATA devices to send to Haiti.  Vocati is organizing now to get people in Haiti to manage this equipment once it arrives in country. 

Many of the efforts from people like you and me with Vocati Communications will be noted to the public on Vocati blog and on the news interview on CBS.

Vocati Communications has organized their clients who own and operate Calling Card Companies who have agreed to reduce their rates during this time.  As Vocati Communications is now connecting calls in Haiti and has reserved channels for these calls, we have put together this group of retailers to sign up people who are in need of calling Haiti.

Anyone wishing to purchase a reduced rate calling card can access this group by calling toll free 888-851-7055 to be connected to a special operator.  This operator will facilitate the purchase and setup of these calling cards.
It should also be noted that Vocati Communications is also reducing their rates to Haiti in response to this effort.  Vocati is currently working with their customers to get donated time and funding, in part, for those people within to call Haiti at these reduced rates.
Any and all profit (if any) from these efforts will be donated to the Vocati Communications Haiti effort for long term communications.

For Spanish speakers, listen to Andres share other Vocati Communications' caring efforts in the past few years on DIDX podcast.

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