SIP Trunk Summit: Compelling Reason to Attend ITEXPO

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SIP Trunk Summit: Compelling Reason to Attend ITEXPO

ingate_tmc_itexpo.jpgBut don't believe me. I interviewed Steven Johnson, a president of Ingate Systems, the group who is producing the SIP Trunk Summit for your satisfaction.

It is scheduled at ITEXPO January 20-22, 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida. Listen to Steve talk about it on the DIDX podcast. Read the transcript of his talk with me.

You'll meet reps like Graham Francis from TheSIPSchool and also those from Avaya, Digium, Ingate itself, ShoreTel, VOIPSA,, Dialogic,  Cbeyond, Mitel NetSolutions, The SIP School, Intertex Data, DataAB, and the SIP Forum. Participate in the complete sessions and get one valuable SIP certificate. There is also a SIP Trunk Bootcamp. 

Sign up today at The SIP Trunk Summit is free with any pass you register for.

Featured this season:
  • Step-by-step, interactive sessions to illustrate the what, why and how
    of SIP trunking architecture
  • Sessions on legacy PBX/PSTN and SIP trunks
  • Case studies on ROI; the value proposition of SIP trunks
  • SIP Forum SIPconnect workshop
  • SIP Trunk Boot Camp for "Basic Training" on SIP trunk installations

Security sessions with VOIPSA will discuss VoIP and SIP trunk security.

LIVE DEMOS of participants setting up a secure SIP trunk live, on-site will showcase how easy it can be to deploy SIP trunks.

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