Discussion on Minimum Scan Resolution to PDF to be Legible

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Discussion on Minimum Scan Resolution to PDF to be Legible

You and me... we juggle 50 million tasks it seems at one time and then you scan a doc to PDF... say 10 page file in 150 dpi. It's somewhat legible but will take forever to send over email. Zip softwares don't compress much and if you compress too much, the file will corrupt. So I made a few calls on my companies IP PBX, messaged on Skype, Facebook and Twitter and wow... Facebook wins with the conversation below.

You rock, Bilal, Faisal, Shmuel, and Elaine!

Suzanne Bowen: Your experience and advice: what is the minimum scan resolution (dots per inch) for PDF documents to be legible on PC? 150dpi it seems, but they are such large files, it seems.

Yesterday at 11:48am
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Faisal Khan 200dpi but scan in greyscale. Think of it this way, if the document will suffice its recepient in the form of a fax, then a greyscale scan ought to be good enough.
Yesterday at 11:53am ·

Suzanne Bowen Muchas gracias, Faisal.
Yesterday at 7:11pm ·

Shmuel Aharon Kam If you're scanning text, you don't need too high a number. If you're scanning images.. do NOT use PDF files. If you are creating PDF files from say MS-Word, then I often find these files to be SMALLER than Doc files. So you may be doing something wrong.
7 hours ago ·

Elaine Catherine Lombardo Shmuel is right. Here's how I break it down:

images: 300dpi if I intend on keeping it the same size. If I intend to blow it up like double in size, I will use 600dpi. Then in photoshop I will open the image then adjust the size to what I want and then reduce the dpi to 300dpi.

text-only: black and white, greyscale or text settings. Usually 150-200dpi.

text with images: treat this as an image. 300dpi color or you will lose quality on the placed images within the document.

Then depending upon how you plan on using the scanned image (it is considered an image once it's scanned, no matter what it is content-wise), you may be able to fudge with dpi afterwards to compensate for high file size. Is it for the web only, is it to print on a home printer only, it is to be printed in a quality printer only, or a combination?
4 hours ago

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