Add the DIDX API of Phone Numbers to your Blog

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Add the DIDX API of Phone Numbers to your Blog

Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Weebly, Blogger,  Mambo, PHPNuke, Post Nuke, Plone, TYPO3, e107, Open CMS, MODx CMS, XOOPS and Zope! Each has advantages and downers. But for now, good news for DIDX members, partners, bloggers, and more, a WordPress plugin for

The WordPress Information plugin enables you to get information from Manage Information from within your Word Press dashboard.

The plugin returns the list of available DID's country list by Vendor Rating in the form of an array.

Installation instructions:

Upload the plugin to your blog, activate it, then enter your Information userid , pass, url and function name.

1. Extract the plugin and copy the Information folder to your blogs plugin directory ( /wp-content/plugins/ ).
2. In your blogs' dashboard, find the plugins link.
3. Follow this link to all your current plugins.
4. You should see the plugin - Information ... Activate it.

Download at

Watch video to understand what, when, where, why and how? in Urdu/Hindi now. We'll add the English and also Spanish versions and update here soon.

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