Awesome Announcement Omega Telecom and The Flat Planet Group

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Awesome Announcement Omega Telecom and The Flat Planet Group

Congratulations to our dear industry friends David Uzan of Omega Telecom and Moshe Maeir of The Flat Planet and a Phone.

The Flat Planet Group, the company who can set up a phone system in a matter of minutes, and an example of this is Yahoo stores, has announced it closed an agreement to buy Omega Telecom a licensed telecommunications carrier based in Cyprus.

In the past few years The Flat Planet Group acquired several call centers in Cyprus. This helped the company to become familiar with the local telecom market. The kinds of services that The Flat Planet Group was providing include local DID phone numbers in 50 countries with Dynamic Caller ID. Such a feature helps call centers see a positively increasing number of calls answered and therefor, sales closed. Why? Seeing a specific caller ID builds trust in the receiver of the call.

There  are 6-7 other active licensed carriers in Cyprus, including OTEnet Telecom, PrimeTel, and Cyta. 

"When the CEO of Omega told us that he is interested in selling the company, it did not take us long to make an offer," said Moshe Maeir on The Flat Planet and a Phone blog. "Why are we excited? Well for a number of reasons.  Cyprus has become a major financial center due to it's central location, membership in the EU and low tax rate. Many of these companies can profit from our IP services. In addition we will now have our own range of geographic, premium (900), national (77) and toll free (800) numbers. In many cases we can offer a substantial payback for use of our numbers, which makes it even more profitable."

Moshe Maeir is known among the Who's Who of global voice over IP, IP communications, and innovation of the same and more such as Jeff Pulver, Jon Arnold, Luca Filigheddu, Michael Eisenberg, Rich Tehrani, Mark SpencerOm Malik, Rehan Ahmed, Garret Smith, and Thomas Howe. He calls himself the Chief Flattening Officer. Moshe is an exciting speaker. At ETel, he shared information on "his company's ability to setup a phone system in a matter of minutes, and used as an example Yahoo stores."

In the next few weeks, The Flat Planet and a Phone will finalize its plan to purchase Omega Telecom and hire a local sales team in Cyprus. Contact The Flat Planet Group for more information.

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