Join us in November at Kuala Lumpur GoMobile

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Join us in November at Kuala Lumpur GoMobile

Let me tell you about my friend Rani Wemel. She is one of the movers and shakers over at CommTechAsia with the support of MSC Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. She is one those spearheading the 3rd GoMobile Event, a mobile lifestyle event that snatches you into the next century!  Some of the things you'll get to do:
·         GoMobile Conference 2010 ( 9 Nov 2010 )
·         MobileWorld Star Awards Celebration Party 2010 ( 10 Nov 2010 )
·         GoMobile Expo 2010 ( 12 - 14 Nov 2010 )
The GoMobile Conference had a full house attendance in 2009 with over 30,000. Our company was there along with about a few hundred of the TMCnet community.

The 2010 conference will look at the latest innovative technologies and  mobile handsets with an overview of current market trends and developments of the mobile industry in the region and a comparison of elsewhere and how to collaborate more among all 199 or so nations. It will also have a look at profitable, flexible, scalable and sustainable business models taking into account mobile broadband and  analysizing the various technology options for delivering m-commerce services.

There will be thematic tracks covering the following
·         Mobile Entertainment Services
·         Mobile Education
·         Mobile Marketing
·         Mobile Banking
Don't you want to get involved? Share your expertise in a presentation? Exhibit your totally-enabling mobile-related service? Sponsor a reception, a competition, an area, the whole conference or expo?

What else?

Bringing together the mobile industry and recognizing innovations, achievements and leadership. It will be a celebration of the Malaysian mobile industry, attended by the movers and shakers of the industry, especially those who involve others around planet Earth. 
GoMobile 2010 is filling 300 booths with people and companies and innovations like you and yours. One highlight, for example, will look at the "As We Walk Through Mobile Museum." I wish I could bring my grand-daughter Haven!

The Expo helps consumers and businesses cut through the confusion and see first hand how mobile will improve their business and lives today and tomorrow. Over 100,000 visitors have visited GoMobile to date.The GoMobile Expo will be a huge consumer event where mobile brands, telcos, service providers, content creators and just about anybody else in the mobile industry can participate. The objective of GoMobile Expo is to encourage and educate all to embrace mobility to help them reach their goals and dreams.
GoMobile 2010 will be the gathering of mobile professionals from across the globe as well as locally, making a visit to GoMobile 2010 is an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with the top names in the industry.
For Sponsorship/Partnerships, Exhibition Booths And Speaking Opportunities Please Contact :
Rani Wemel at and tell her Suzanne Bowen told you about GoMobile 2010 ...
Rani Wemel and I will have planned a special International Pavilion including USA and the Americas! It will include Conference, Cocktail, Field Trip to Cyberjya, Awards Party, City Tour of Kuala Lumpur, and your Exhibit and a chance to deliver a presentation!

8 Nov               Arrival
9 Nov               9am-5pm          Conference
9 Nov               7 pm                Cocktail
10 Nov             9am-3pm          Field Trip To Cyberjaya
10 Nov              7pm                 Awards Party
11 Nov             9am-2pm          City Tour Of Kuala Lumpur
11 Nov              5pm                 Set Up Of Booth
12-14 Nov         9am-10.30pm    Expo
15/16Nov          Leave for home or stay and hang out in K.L. a few more days.
Soon... GoMobile 2010 will have links for international participants to affordable hotels in the area, best methods of public transportation, visa and passport information, maps that show the hotel locations and main transportation stops between them and where the conference will be held, recommendations for authentic Malaysian experience restaurants, and perhaps a special "international meeting area" at the conference location? Just some thoughts!

Kuala Lumpur is beautiful. Join the GoMobile Facebook group.


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