The Collaborative Approach to Business is what I told this mobile app provider!

Suzanne Bowen : Monetizing IP Communications
Suzanne Bowen
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The Collaborative Approach to Business is what I told this mobile app provider!

In my Linkedin network, a dear industry friend asked me, "How are things working out for you? With the rapidly shrinking VoIP prices, and free everywhere, can you make it happen?"

I responded with my normal long-winded manner:

We never were a rich company, but I think we have been pioneers and have a true entrepreneurial spirt. People say our customer service and marketing is good. They say we need to improve the language on our websites. I need to get a login to edit them because I know what needs to be changed. Our web dev team tends to be involved more in additional features than correcting language. It's hard to pin them down. I manage to get one page edited with them every two months. That is the truth. What can I say?

Also, at least we are not trying to sell or resell "minutes" as a main source of revenue. That's old school. It is pennies. I'd rather make nickels at least. 

Instead we are providing a one-stop location for buying and sell incoming (phone numbers over sip direct inward dialing). We've recently added a new magazine at which brings us almost more than DIDX in revenue via ads, google adsense, category and channel leasing... I'm really surprised. 

We've been able to showcase the coolest people, services, inventions and companies like Moonitin, Paetec's Customer Service, Global Crossing's Philanthropic Efforts, Digium's founder and innovation and empowerment for the world, freeSwitch's out of the box developers and development, Kamailio's history and unique features that set them apart from other open source telephony, Green Technologies, ITExpo, CommunicAsia, Green Facade, Dogpile, FourSquare, SMS Love, Skype as speaker and exhibitor at their first Asian conference CommunicAsia, the opp that Telstra has in mainland China because their wireless operation in Hong Kong, Schelcomm $50/month virtual pbx ... it goes and on. 
But ... I love to write and many I know do. Since 2001 I've been taking pictures and videos at conferences and putting them on the Internet to share with the world what is cool, innovative, practical and/or empowering in IP communications. I get to travel a lot. 

The people we publish on Techistan ... they write and give us the tag words they want and where they want any word to link that will help them make money.
Again, it's like our DIDX ... instead of competing, we are collaborating with other IP communications providers and with Techistan, other online media. No media is our competitor. No carrier and no operator is our company. We are helping DIDX members to monetize IP communications with each other. Now, we're basically "doing the same concept" but with media on Techistan.
It's lucrative and fun. Ah ... I do get wordy. How about you? How can we help you?

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