Word Association Led me to 17 Year Old VoIP Singer and Entrepreneur

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Word Association Led me to 17 Year Old VoIP Singer and Entrepreneur

nolaart.JPGSomething I enjoy doing ever since I heard Ray Bradbury talk about it on a documentary is word association. This morning, I typed in "art" and "voip" on Google and also Yahoo search. I clicked on the first item of interest on VoIP-info and found it was actually a spam, nothing to do with VoIP. 

Next, I found a 2005 VoIP Monitor article with the title "Aspiring Teen Pop Singer Launches Own VOIP Service." Intriguing!

The article states that in 2005, there were approximately 11,000 + VoIP providers but definitely room for a new kid on the block. Kandice Melonakos who started KanTalk! and released her first single at the same time, was only 17 years old. She was a singer/songwriter/ventriloquist. her first single. She was basically doing what I like to do. She picked one thing that supposed has nothing to do with voIP ... music ... and used both (mash-up, they used to call it) to connect people. 

I talk to men and women every day all over the world using voice over IP. These people have signed up to use DIDX to buy and/or sell phone numbers over SIP or IAX2 with their VoIP service like KanTalk! VoicePod. Don't let anyone tell you that there is no more room for another communications service business. Each story I hear while interviewing new members of DIDX is unique.

"KanTalk!'s marketing blurb" was that it enables friends to talk for hours and save their cell phone minutes for when they are truly mobile.  So I looked up the Kantalk! VoicePod, which was a free downloadable software that could let you talk from computer to computer free ... to see if it is still around.

She's still at http://www.kandicemusic.com/. She's got a great voice, and by now she's around 22 years old. When you click on Portfolio, you see pictures of her. But nothing there about Kantalk! I searched that term and found it in Skype Extras at https://extras.skype.com/394/view

It's described like this: "KanTalk connects the likeminded language learners worldwide through free Internet telephony tool like Skype. KanTalk provides its users a fun space to practice spoken English, or any language. The practice is done over the user-generated, live conversations online, on a wide arrange of topics and in several proficiency levels." 

So how did or does or will Kandice make money from this? There WAS a KanTalk! registration link at  http://www.kandicemusic.com. After fans heard the music on Kandice's VoIP service the KanTalk! VoicePod, they were able to click a button to even "call the artist, leave a voicemail, send a text message or even video mail." 

What if? What might happen if we associate the next word we find on the Random Word Generator with "VoIP?"

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