Which Asterisk Server Provider Do You Choose?

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Which Asterisk Server Provider Do You Choose?

Yesterday, one friend, a guy whose clients are musicians in the USA and around the world. He does video, PR, and social networking training with and for them. He asked me if I would connect him to different Asterisk Server Providers because he needs that.

I used Facebook email to introduce him to each of them because there I am connected with around 2000 or so (slow accumulation of wonderful, quality, organically-grown relationships since early 2006) friends, most of them some how related to telecommunications.

Here are the responses he received from each and so I was wondering if you were the Musician PR guy, which answer gives you the best first impression? What are the pros and cons of each? What should have been said openly to me and the person I am referring to each. Just something to think about.

1. I'd like to talk with him. I have experience with Asterisk as a developer and entrepreneur and have helped others to do what is requested. Besides, anyone you think highly of, Suzanne, has to be pretty cool. 

2. First response: Absolutely. Direct email: ... 
Second response same person: Direct message sent to your friend, Suzanne.

3. Thanks, Suzanne. It'd be my pleasure. What method is most convenient for him to communicate to get started?

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