MagicJack not sent yet ... #whatisgoodsocialnetworking collaboration?

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MagicJack not sent yet ... #whatisgoodsocialnetworking collaboration?

suzannebushwacker2004.jpgI didn't receive the MagicJack device yet, but did get the Nettalk new UNO. Waiting to get the MJ gadget first, so I can do a true comparison with videos, pics, charts, and text review mix.

Meanwhile, hey, the last 9 days of July and first 12 of August were FTL. I stopped to breathe for a second today and realized I haven't blogged on here in a while. Let me ask my thousands of wonderful IP communications related industry friends for one small favor.

Do you tweet? If yes, would you use Twitter to give your opinion on What is good social networking? But be sure to refer to the phrase #whatisgoodsocialnetworking. We've started the feed here:

Let me know what I can do for you, too. Looking forward to meeting you, doing business with you, having a meal with you, running with you, referring customers to you, interviewing you on video or audio for our many media channels, writing about you, or all of the above at conferences my company partners with at

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