Google Search Description of DIDX Adds Humor and New Business

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Google Search Description of DIDX Adds Humor and New Business

didx_googlelistingissue.jpgWhen the going gets tough, the tough start laughing. And we've had a time at DIDXchange with the Google listing description of DIDX.

Despite the craziness of this experience while we wait for Google to fix the issue is that it has actually helped us to increase our membership activations of those who wish to buy and resell or sell directly to other wholesale companies... what? Direct inward dialing SIP phone numbers? 

Where? DIDX. I guess the X in DIDX caused Google to mis-diagnose our website content. Thank you, Google.

Next time, something goes wrong in your company, whether it is involved in IP communications or not ... is to laugh it off and make the best of it. :-D

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